Sliding Scale Options for UMC Special Session 

We desire that your stay at AMEN House be affordable and accessible to all! Funds from guests' visits to AMEN House allow us to sustain our ministry of teaching young people about the Christian call to community service and social justice.  Please select your payment option from our sliding scale.  Payments can be made by check addressed to:

Oak Hill Presbyterian Church
4111 Connecticut Street
St. Louis, MO 63116
Federal Tax ID: #43-0655870

Student / Short Stay

You might consider this option if you are a student, if you plan to stay for three nights or less, or if you have significant financial need.


You might consider this option if you are staying the full week of the conference,  if you are employed full-time and have disposable income, if you are partnered with someone whose income is able to carry your household, or if a sponsoring congregation/organization is paying for your accommodations.


You might consider this option if you have extra to give, if you are further along in your career or retired, or if you would have been able to afford a hotel room for the weekend.  Choosing this option will help support the stay of another conference attendee as well as the ministry of AMEN St. Louis!