Summer 2016 Wrap-Up

Posted: August 31, 2016 by Erin Counihan in Uncategorized


Nine weeks booked!  June – September.  About 135 youth and adults.  They chose to spend a week of their summer with US!  What an amazing time.  They came from near and far.  Ladue and Dallas, Texas; Dixon, Illinois; Springdale, Arkansas; and Iowa, Wisconsin, and more.  Our typical week had either Megan Senol or Aisha Hassan facilitating the mission trippers at their various mission projects throughout the St. Louis area.  Each group spent time with Isaiah 58 (I58) working in their food pantry, clothing store and at their fresh produce day.  They got to see where I58 gets much of their food while working at the St. Louis Area Food Bank in Bridgeton.  Some sorted school supplies at KidSmart and others spent time at Lydia’s House, the House of Goods Baitulmal on Oleatha, or Every Child’s Hope.  Caroline Mission, Cornerstone Early Childhood Center and Crisis Nursery also benefited from our volunteers.  The week would not be complete without a foray into urban gardening at one of Gateway Greening’s neighborhood gardens or Urban Farm.  The BRO benefited from groups packing holiday gifts for kids and hauling the filled boxes off to the BRO storage unit.  Each group spent Monday evening with the Churches on the Street outreach to the homeless community and spent Tuesday evening playing foosball with our neighborhood youth.  Some took on special projects with Grace Hill Settlement House, Southampton Church, or provided 4th of July lunch for the 14th and Park Shelter.  The groups provided approximately 3,500 volunteer hours to our community. The estimated monetary value of their work−$52,500.  The value of the relationships nurtured….priceless.  To God be the Glory!

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