Gearing up for Summer 2017

Posted: February 3, 2017 by Erin Counihan in Uncategorized

Hey AMEN friends,

We are getting ready for Spring and Summer 2017!

We’re already well booked with some veteran teams and some new friends, too. But we do have some space in April, May, and August. We’ve made arrangements for teams to volunteer at St. Louis Area Food Bank, Isaiah 58 Ministries, Gateway Greening, Churches in the Streets, House of Goods, Lydia’s House, Grace Hill, Great Circle, Biddle House, and more! We’ve also got educational opportunities for teams to learn about and discuss race and social justice, poverty and hunger issues, and immigration and refugees.

We’re making some upgrades to the house, including a new ceiling in the living room, and a BRAND NEW REFRIDGERATOR! We’re also building a resource library to include books and movies about St. Louis and the social issues here.

The neighborhood has opened a few new, and fabulous, restaurants, and don’t forget about Food Tuck Fridays in the park, and free concert Wednesday at the Botanical Gardens. And yes, we’ve already booked the Tuesdays for Human Foosball fun!

There are so many opportunities to serve and learn and grow and enjoy your trip to St. Louis. Thanks be to God!



New Fridge!!



New Ceiling (in progress)! 

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