Hands and Feet

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Have you heard about the PCUSA’s new Hands and Feet Initiative??

We’re thrilled that so many Presbyterians are coming to St. Louis for Big Tent in 2017 and for General Assembly in 2018. And we love the Stated Clerk’s idea to gather all our hands and feet in service together while we’re spending this time in STL over the next two years!

Come and put your hands and feet to work here at AMEN St. Louis!

And click here to read more about the Hands and Feet Initiative.

Gearing up for Summer 2017

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Hey AMEN friends,

We are getting ready for Spring and Summer 2017!

We’re already well booked with some veteran teams and some new friends, too. But we do have some space in April, May, and August. We’ve made arrangements for teams to volunteer at St. Louis Area Food Bank, Isaiah 58 Ministries, Gateway Greening, Churches in the Streets, House of Goods, Lydia’s House, Grace Hill, Great Circle, Biddle House, and more! We’ve also got educational opportunities for teams to learn about and discuss race and social justice, poverty and hunger issues, and immigration and refugees.

We’re making some upgrades to the house, including a new ceiling in the living room, and a BRAND NEW REFRIDGERATOR! We’re also building a resource library to include books and movies about St. Louis and the social issues here.

The neighborhood has opened a few new, and fabulous, restaurants, and don’t forget about Food Tuck Fridays in the park, and free concert Wednesday at the Botanical Gardens. And yes, we’ve already booked the Tuesdays for Human Foosball fun!

There are so many opportunities to serve and learn and grow and enjoy your trip to St. Louis. Thanks be to God!



New Fridge!!



New Ceiling (in progress)! 

Elon Gap Semester – 5 years and counting!

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Our friends at the Elon Gap Semester Program returned in September for their 5th year staying at AMEN St. Louis. The Elon University program was the very first group to ever sign up and stay with us, back when AMEN House first opened. You can read about their adventures working with Gateway Greening this fall and check out photos of their stay at their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/elongapexperience/


Summer 2016 Wrap-Up

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Nine weeks booked!  June – September.  About 135 youth and adults.  They chose to spend a week of their summer with US!  What an amazing time.  They came from near and far.  Ladue and Dallas, Texas; Dixon, Illinois; Springdale, Arkansas; and Iowa, Wisconsin, and more.  Our typical week had either Megan Senol or Aisha Hassan facilitating the mission trippers at their various mission projects throughout the St. Louis area.  Each group spent time with Isaiah 58 (I58) working in their food pantry, clothing store and at their fresh produce day.  They got to see where I58 gets much of their food while working at the St. Louis Area Food Bank in Bridgeton.  Some sorted school supplies at KidSmart and others spent time at Lydia’s House, the House of Goods Baitulmal on Oleatha, or Every Child’s Hope.  Caroline Mission, Cornerstone Early Childhood Center and Crisis Nursery also benefited from our volunteers.  The week would not be complete without a foray into urban gardening at one of Gateway Greening’s neighborhood gardens or Urban Farm.  The BRO benefited from groups packing holiday gifts for kids and hauling the filled boxes off to the BRO storage unit.  Each group spent Monday evening with the Churches on the Street outreach to the homeless community and spent Tuesday evening playing foosball with our neighborhood youth.  Some took on special projects with Grace Hill Settlement House, Southampton Church, or provided 4th of July lunch for the 14th and Park Shelter.  The groups provided approximately 3,500 volunteer hours to our community. The estimated monetary value of their work−$52,500.  The value of the relationships nurtured….priceless.  To God be the Glory!

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Ladue Chapel St.Louis 

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The Ladue Chapel mission crew had such a great time volunteering at KidSmart today!! From organizing folders to building shelves, they did it all! KidSmart-Tools for Learning is such an amazing agency that helps teachers and their students to be provided with important, basic school supplies and materials. “Since 2002, KidSmart has distributed more than $27 million in school supplies to more than 102,100 economically disadvantaged children in the area.”


Did you forget to book your mission trip for summer 2016? Never fear, we have one week remaining. July 24-30. Stay in our cool mission house, experience interesting and meaningful community outreach projects and enjoy an evening at Great American Human FOOSBALL. We’ll be working at Isaiah 58 Ministries helping with their Back to School Family Fun Day. One day is scheduled at the  Gateway Greening Urban Farm . We’ll also help out at St. Louis Area Community Foodbank. Other projects are in the works including sandwich making and lunch packing for the temporary homeless outreach in downtown St. Louis. Contact us at amenstlouis@gmail.com or call 314-520-9593. Explore our website and find out more!

Meet Megan Senol 2016  AMEN House Summer Site Manager Megan Senol 2

Megan is returning for her second year as our Summer Site Manager. She is a student at the University of Tulsa, majoring in Business Management. In 2014,she served as a Mission Intern at Ladue Chapel Presbyterian Church. While serving at Ladue, she stayed at AMEN House during their Urban Plunge mission week. In addition to church things, Megan has interests in non-profit management, volleyball, and speaking German. As AMEN Summer Site Manager, Megan will welcome and orient the mission teams, coordinate their work assignments, and make sure the kitchen sink and other plumbing and air conditioning are functioning properly. Be sure to welcome Megan back for 2016 and introduce yourself next time you stop by the building, or at Foosball Fellowship Tuesday!

MLK Weekend Events

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The video above is an inspiring piece put together by the Denver Freedom Riders. Several members of this group have stayed at AMEN House at various times the past several months. This video tells their story and how they felt called to come to St. Louis and Ferguson and the message they have taken back to Denver and their communities. It is an invitation to an MLK Day event in Denver, but we would like to invite you to one a little closer to home.

“The Presbytery of Giddings-Lovejoy invites you to join First Presbyterian Church, 401 Darst Rd., Ferguson, MO in a weekend celebration. “The Beloved Community: Confronting the Racial Divide” with a workshop and worship as follows:

Saturday, January 17

8:30 AM Doors Open/Registration

9:15 AM Greetings

9:45 AM Workshop with the Rev. Jimmie Ray Hawkins, a leader in the “Moral Monday Movement” in North Carolina and Pastor of Covenant Presbyterian Church in Durham, NC.


Sunday, January 18

3:00 PM Worship Celebration, the Rev. Jimmie Ray Hawkins preaching.



Social Witness at AMEN House

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The St. Louis region has experienced a seismic shock since the death of Michael Brown last August. No matter what our personal opinion of the Grand Jury outcome, there is significant racial disharmony and unrest in our city that cannot be ignored, especially by a church whose mission statement claims to seek justice and love kindness. In that spirit the Mission Committee of Oak Hill has responded to requests for housing at the AMEN House from faith based social witness mission groups and legal observers who have come to St Louis in response to the unrest in Ferguson, in much the same way that we would respond to service mission groups that descend on a community after a tornado or a hurricane rips through. In many respects we are now living in a post-Ferguson racial tornado struck landscape.

The social-witness mission groups that have stayed at AMEN St Louis at various times since October have included folks working with the Fellowship of Reconciliation, a faith-based group working for peace, justice, and non-violence since 1915 (http://forusa.org/) In addition we have hosted the Rev. Osagyefo Sekou, a Freeman Fellow with Fellowship of Reconciliation. Rev. Sekou, who graduated from St. Louis’ Soldan High School, is pastor for Formation and Justice at First Baptist Church, Jamaica Plains, MA (http://www.firstbaptistjp.org) and a former Ella Baker Fellow at New York Theological Seminary’s Micah Institute, where he served as chief strategist for organizing clergy for economic justice in New York City. Groups have come from New York representing Stony Point Center, a national conference center of the PCUSA located in upstate New York.We have also hosted law students from Wayne State University who have acted as legal observers for the National Lawyers Guild (http://www.nlg.org) during the area-wide protests as well as visiting clergy from around the country.

Most recently we hosted a group of students from Warren Wilson College in North Carolina
(http://www.warren-wilson.edu/about). Presbyterian missionaries originally founded this college to serve the people of Appalachia. Today the mission of the college combines academics, work and service in a learning community committed to environmental responsibility, cross-cultural understanding and the common good.

The Mission Committee asks everyone to keep in prayer all who witness to God’s justice in an unjust world so one day that justice will indeed flow down like waters, and God’s righteousness like a never failing stream.

For further meditation please consider lectionary reading Isaiah 61:1-4, 8-11.



Our summer positions have been filled for 2016. Check back here for future opportunities.

Thank you!