What does AMEN|Saint Louis cost and what is included?

Rates for 2016-2017 are:

$150 per person/per week for lodging and coordination of volunteer outings, T-Shirt included!

$100 per person/per week for just lodging (no coordination of volunteer outings)

Call or email for stays shorter than a week, arrangements can be made.

Your group is responsible for providing food for your week.

We request payment for your AMEN|Saint Louis trip in two installments:

  1. Initial deposit of $75 per person is due with registration.  This holds you place in our house.  The deposit is applied towards your overall total, even if your group size changes.  The total cost per person is $150.
  2. The final balance is due three weeks before your trip.

When can my group participate?

AMEN Saint Louis is open year round.  Call us at (314)520-9593 to discuss booking a specific date.

Check out our calendar to see when we are available.  More details will be arranged at that time.

Are there any age limitations?

The agencies AMEN Saint Louis works with often have limitations for the age of volunteers.

Most require volunteers to be at least 13 years old.  Contact us if you have any questions or concerns and we can make alternate arrangements to accommodate your group’s needs.

Where will we stay?

AMEN Saint Louis is located in a newly renovated house attached to Oak Hill Presbyterian Church in the Tower Grove South neighborhood of St. Louis.  Learn more about our accommodations and see pictures here.

When should we arrive?

It is up to your group when you arrive but we usually recommend that you arrive around 7pm Sunday Evening (for our weeklong trips) in order to complete orientation and enrollment.

How do we get around the city?

We rely on your vehicles to get your group around the city.  Our location has ample parking on our surface lot directly adjoining our property.  For activities in the city center (Cardinals game, some volunteer sites) public transit may be utilized at an additional cost.  More details will be provided at a later time if you are interested in using Saint Louis METRO public transit.

What is the adult-youth ratio needed for youth group trips?

One adult for every five youth.  For middle school groups, more adults are encouraged.  Families or inter-generational groups must bring a guardian for each child under 13.  The guardian must accompany the child on work experiences.  It is best to designate a leader that has no minors in their care for the specific duration of the trip.

Are we the only church coming?  Do churches mix when putting together teams?

The maximum capacity for AMEN Saint Louis is 24 individuals.  Most likely you will be the only group with us for the week but we will let you know if you’ll be sharing your accommodations.  When making teams to send to work sites, we do not mix churches.

How do I register my group for Amen Saint Louis?

Visit our Join page for a quick form to fill out and a calendar of our available dates.

Your spots are not reserved until your initial deposit is received.  We accept checks or cash for payment.

How do we pay by check?

Make checks payable to Oak Hill Presbyterian Church.  Checks or money (US Currency only) may be sent to 4111 Connecticut Street St Louis, MO 63116.  Please mark that the funds are for an AMEN St. Louis trip.

What if we have to cancel?

In the event that a group needs to cancel, AMEN Saint Louis has the following policy:

  • If a group cancels after their initial $75 per person deposit, the funds may be applied in their entirety to an       AMEN St. Louis trip this year or next
  •  If a group cancels after paying in full, the final balance is non-refundable due to the short notice before the scheduled trip.  The initial deposit may be applied as stated above.

AMEN|Saint Louis is self-funded through participant fees. Participant fees cover group lodging, group scheduling, cleaning and maintenance fees, support staff, and incidental expenses related to the operation of the program. When AMEN|Saint Louis schedules a group, we make arrangements with local agencies where participants will volunteer. Agencies count on AMEN|Saint Louis participants to fulfill that commitment. Group cancellations affect agency partners and disrupts all aspects of scheduling.

What about safety? 

St. Louis is a safe and wonderful city. We live here and love it! AMEN St. Louis is located in the heart of a diverse and thriving neighborhood where all kids of people live, work, learn, and play. But it is a city, so be smart about it. When you are driving around in a big church bus with out of state tags, you are a target. Do not leave anything in your bus or church van. We’ve had two teams (in four years) who have had their church vans broken into when parked downtown. Do not leave things in your vehicle and be sure to lock the doors. After dark- walk with a buddy. Leave your valuables at home. We will provide your team with keys to the house. You will be able to lock up as you come and go, working and serving, and enjoying all the great fun of this lovely city!